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Boris Johnson receives oxygen support in ICU; America’s most influential coronavirus model revises estimates downward

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has received oxygen support in intensive care as he battles a worsening coronavirus infection, though he is not on a ventilator, according to officials in London. Meanwhile, the U.S. surgeon general said he “absolutely” expects the death toll to fall short of White House projections of up to 240,000 U.S. fatalities.

Here are some other significant developments:

A key forecasting model used by the White House to chart the coronavirus pandemic has revised its estimates downward. But some states and health experts continue to steel themselves for grim weeks ahead, noting that the University of Washington’s updated IHME model conflicts with other estimates showing higher equipment shortages, Latest Washington News deaths and projected peaks.
The virus has not hit children as hard as adults, preliminary data from the United States suggests, supporting earlier reports of what appears to be a mysterious saving grace of the deepening pandemic.

Primary and local elections in Wisconsin got off to a chaotic start after a last-minute legal battle, with hundreds of voters standing in lines that stretched for blocks in Milwaukee. The surgeon general urged Wisconsin voters to wear masks to the polls.

European and U.S. markets rose as investors grew more optimistic that lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and other restrictive measures around the world are working.

China on Tuesday announced no new deaths for the first time since it began regularly reporting figures in January. But China’s official coronavirus numbers have been met with skepticism internationally since the outbreak began.

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