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Coronavirus: President thanks Inslee for work done in WA as nation warned of difficult week ahead

SEATTLE — As the number of coronavirus cases and deaths increase, on Sunday President Donald Trump warned Americans to prepare for what his team said could be one of the roughest weeks, but during the briefing, he took the time to thank Gov. Jay Inslee for returning ventilators from the national stockpile to help other states.

“The state of Washington has done very well. They won’t be needing some of the ventilators that have been sent. We thank Governor Inslee for giving them back. He feels confident they are in good shape,” Trump said. The state of Washington has done very well - they won’t be needing some of the ventilators that have been sent."

Vice President Mike Pence also thanked Washington and Oregon for sending ventilators to other states and said they were leading by example in helping states that needed them the most. He also said Washington and California had low and steady numbers.

Washington recently bought 750 ventilators of its own. The governor said they should arrive over the next few weeks, when they may be needed the most.

The president also provided an update on the distribution of supplies needed in the fight against the coronavirus, Latest Washington News including more ventilators and masks across the country.

The update comes as the U.S. has now had four consecutive days with more than 1,000 new deaths related to the outbreak.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease expert for the U.S. government, joined the President in again urging Americans to do what they can to limit their social activities, and thus limit the spread of the virus.

“The only tool — but the best tool that we have — is mitigation,” Fauci told reporters at a Sunday night White House briefing.

Fauci reminded reporters the measures being taken by Americans in terms of social distancing take about two and a half weeks to show up in terms of fewer cases, and a drop in the number of deaths.

“People really understand the responsibility they have for themselves, their family and for the country,” Fauci said at the White House.

During Sunday’s briefing, the President repeated his endorsement of the use of hydroxychloroquine, a drug often associated with malaria treatment, to be used against the coronavirus.

“What really do we have to lose?” the President asked reporters at one point, encouraging people to use the drug, even though it has not been specifically found to stop the virus.

“It may not work, in which case, hey, it didn’t work,” the President said at one point. “And it may work, Press Release Distribution Service in which case, it may save a lot of lives.”

The president’s promotion of hydroxychloroquine has drawn concerns from Fauci, who has noted the lack of broader trials. But Mr. Trump has pressed forward with the idea, bolstered by support among GOP lawmakers and conservative media.

With the news that a tough week could be ahead, so is the news that the death toll from the virus in the U.S. will go over 10,000 people on Monday, including more deaths expected in Washington state.

The statewide death toll as reported by the Department of Health had reached 338 among 7,984 confirmed coronavirus cases as of 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the counties with the highest totals: King County has 208 deaths among 3,158 cases; Snohomish County has 47 deaths among 1,486 cases; Pierce County has 10 deaths among 536 cases.

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