5 event-driven architecture mistakes and how to avoid them

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Forrester said it is noticing accrued involvement successful EDA, which is successful crook starring to 5 large mistakes it said request to beryllium avoided.


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Forrester Research has released a report that compiles 5 of the biggest mistakes an enactment tin marque erstwhile utilizing event-driven architecture (EDA), and however to debar said mistakes.

Event-driven architecture is thing new, and Forrester's study acknowledges that fact. It does adhd that adoption has been accelerating recently, peculiarly "Forrester has seen accrued involvement successful harnessing events for integer translation successful a mode similar REST APIs," the study said. 

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Forrester cites eBay's relationship deletion notifications and Walmart's bid and inventory notifications arsenic 2 real-world uses of events, and said that those uses are grounds that "organizations are moving on a maturity way from simply seeing events arsenic a coding signifier to utilizing events for concern innovation." 

As with immoderate adoption of a caller technology, mistakes happen, successful readying and execution. As Forrester said successful its report, EDA is thing new. By extension, neither are its problems, 5 of which Forrester said are champion avoided. Luckily they provided tips connected however to bash so.

1. Don't presume your archetypal attack is the lone one

If you travel astatine an lawsuit from 1 angle, you whitethorn miss further ways to usage that aforesaid lawsuit for further concern functions, Forrester said. This goes doubly for those who person archetypal success: It's casual to go unsighted to caller possibilities erstwhile the archetypal 1 worked truthful well.

In bid to debar this, Forrester recommends becoming acquainted with tons of antithetic contexts and architecture directions aboriginal connected "so that you tin consciously determine which whitethorn adhd worth to your organization," the study said.

In short, commencement by brainstorming what an lawsuit tin bash earlier trying to usage it for a peculiar purpose. 

2. Events aren't the extremity all, beryllium all

Forrester said that it often sees organizations that follow EDA disregard different plan models. Unfortunately, that means that events get utilized to subordinate loosely coupled lawsuit characteristics, which successful crook ignores a much cohesive method of grouping related elements.

Instead of forcing EDA, usage immoderate is due for the circumstances, Forrester recommended. "Use events alongside orchestration and APIs," the study said.

3. Don't bounds yourself to 1 EDA technology

Technologies similar Pub-Sub, Kafka and FaaS each person EDA applications, but if you presume 1 of them volition conscionable each of your EDA needs, you're mistaken, Forrester said. 

"If you equate events with 1 technology, you bounds your plan options and trim the concern imaginable of your lawsuit strategy," the study said. Aside from the 3 aforementioned technologies, options see streaming analytics, watercourse processing, cloud-based queueing services and others that each person applications they are champion suited to.

4. EDA is much than conscionable utilizing events

It's easy, the study said, "for developers to deliberation that having events means they're doing events arsenic architecture. Architecture is organizing systems to present concern value, truthful EDA implies events thrust however your systems present concern value."

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Actually implementing EDA means moving beyond utilizing events to trigger a effect and toward utilizing events to physique a mode to contextualize events, catalog them appropriately and alteration a concern to instrumentality enactment connected them. 

5. Centralize your EDA strategy

Forrester said events are thing but localized to a azygous team. Instead, they determination crossed domains and betwixt teams and processes successful specified a mode that if each squad is allowed to make its ain architecture based connected concern events, things would rapidly go incomprehensible. 

Forrester said determination are 4 cardinal points of coordination for EDA: taxonomy, recognition and classification hierarchy, formats and schemas, and patterns and tech choices. A palmy EDA strategy volition absorption connected those cardinal points astatine archetypal and beryllium built from a cardinal axis to guarantee creaseless communications. 

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