A New Report Says Sony Is Making More PS4s To Deal With PS5 Shortage

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Anyone inactive trying to get a PlayStation 5 knows that really doing truthful is simply a struggle. They vanish successful seconds immoderate clip they spell unrecorded online and uncovering 1 connected store shelves feels arsenic uncommon arsenic winning the lottery. A caller study from Bloomberg says that successful bid to woody with this shortage, Sony is producing much PlayStation 4 consoles. 

The work reports that arsenic Sony anticipates 2022 to beryllium different twelvemonth wherever the proviso of PS5s struggles to support up with the request for the new-gen console, it’s ramping up accumulation of the PS4. Despite what immoderate mightiness person thought, Sony said it did not person plans to extremity accumulation connected the PS4, though rumors said 2021 would beryllium its past year. 

“It is 1 of the best-selling consoles ever and determination is ever a crossover betwixt generations,” a Sony spokesperson told Bloomberg, confirming that PS4 accumulation is continuing. 

What's important to enactment present is that based connected what Sony has publically said, it isn't making much PS4's solely successful effect to the PS5 shortage – it’s conscionable continuing accumulation arsenic usual, which includes the manufacturing of PS4s. However, Bloomberg reports that idiosyncratic acquainted with Sony’s plans for console manufacturing said PS4 accumulation was going to extremity successful 2021, but now, owed to the new-gen shortage, it is going to nutrient different cardinal PS4s successful 2022. 

As Bloomberg notes, the PS4 uses older chips truthful it won’t interfere with PS5 production, and owed to the console’s age, it’s casual to nutrient and cheaper to manufacture. Plus, galore of the astir breathtaking releases for the PS5 – looking astatine you, Horizon Forbidden West and God of War: Ragnarok – are coming to PS4, too, truthful if idiosyncratic was holding retired connected a PS5 arsenic their archetypal Sony console to play these games, they tin technically acquisition them connected the PS4 (which volition beryllium overmuch easier and cheaper to obtain). 

This quality comes aft numerous reports of continued accumulation woes from not conscionable Sony, but Nintendo and Microsoft arsenic well. 

[Source: Bloomberg]

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