Call of Duty Mobile tips and tricks: How to play and win

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(Pocket-lint) - Call of Duty Mobile brings a heady premix of action, some successful multiplayer and conflict royale gameplay.

But if you're caller to the game, there's a batch to instrumentality successful to get you started and get you winning matches and cranking up your XP. So let's dive into however you tin get the astir retired of Call of Duty: Mobile successful our extended tips and tricks. 

Setting up Call of Duty Mobile and your phone

  • Call of Duty Mobile strategy requirements for iPhone: Works connected phones from iPhone 6S upwards; works connected iPad Air 2 onwards.
  • Call of Duty Mobile strategy requirements for Android: Requires Android 4.3 oregon aboriginal and your telephone needs astatine slightest 2GB of RAM. 

Prepare instrumentality storage: You'll request astir 1.6GB of retention to instal CoD: Mobile and for crippled data, truthful you mightiness person to cleanable thing out. If you're close astatine the limit, your telephone won't tally arsenic well, and this is simply a demanding game. COD:M breaks down the files truthful you lone request to download what you request - the full happening tin beryllium up to 12GB!

Shut down inheritance activities and alerts: If you person a gaming mode connected your instrumentality past present is the clip to usage it to trim notifications you don't privation and to termination different processes that mightiness beryllium lowering the show of your phone. To get the champion from CoD:M you request your telephone moving arsenic champion it can.


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Use Facebook oregon Call of Duty relationship login: Sadly there's nary username/password login, you person to usage Facebook, your Call of Duty Activision Account oregon play arsenic a guest. If you usage Facebook login you volition past beryllium capable to determination your illustration to a antithetic instrumentality if you get a caller telephone oregon privation to play connected a tablet for example, arsenic you volition with an Activision account.

Pro Tip: Occasionally determination are incentives for utilizing a antithetic benignant of login - possibly you tin get a antithetic quality for connecting to your Call of Duty account, which is worthy looking retired for.

Connect your headphones: The soundtrack to Call of Duty: Mobile is fantabulous - and it besides helps you get much alert of what's happening astir you. You'll beryllium capable to pinpoint footsteps, perceive for the cough of a silenced sniper firearm and overmuch much if you tin perceive them clearly. Playing with headphones is simply a pro determination - oregon crook the speakers up loud, if you person stereo speakers.

You'll request an net connection: Yes, arsenic this is unrecorded multiplayer there's nary offline mode - you'll request to beryllium connected to play. Watch your information allowance, oregon instrumentality to Wi-Fi, though the crippled doesn't really usage a batch of data.

Help, my gameplay is laggy!: If you look to beryllium freezing oregon repeatedly moving implicit the aforesaid area, it's astir apt due to the fact that your transportation is dropping out. Try turning Wi-Fi connected oregon off, oregon restarting your router oregon telephone to lick the problem. Sometimes we power to mobile information erstwhile Wi-Fi is playing up.

Turn the brightness up: What you spot is what you shoot. The brighter the better, truthful crook disconnected auto-brightness, crook up the levels and marque definite "night mode" oregon the "blue airy filter" isn't on, arsenic it volition skew the visuals. If you person a crippled mode connected your phone, get it to disengage autobrightness.

Connect your Xbox oregon PS controller controller: You tin link a console controller to play connected your mobile. You'll beryllium paired with different radical utilizing controllers erstwhile you play, truthful you don't get an unfair advantage. First link the controller to your instrumentality via Bluetooth, past caput into settings > controller and you tin spot erstwhile the controller is connected and customise things.

Call of Duty Mobile champion settings and controls

There's a wealthiness of settings and options for Call of Duty: Mobile and the champion depends precise overmuch connected however you similar to play and what telephone oregon tablet you're playing on. It's worthy taking the clip to trial each the options.

Choose Advanced mode: There are 2 methods of control, elemental oregon precocious that you'll beryllium presented astatine the commencement of the game. Simple is autofire erstwhile you're pointing astatine someone, but Advanced gives you afloat power and it's the second you should take - adjacent if it means getting a small much practise. You'll ne'er get anyplace connected elemental controls.

Customise your controls: From the lobby, pat the settings cog and you'll unfastened up each the settings for the game. In Controls you'll person the enactment for Simple and Advanced, arsenic above, but successful precocious you person the customise fastener - pat this and you tin resistance power elements to caller locations. Be alert that multiplayer and conflict royale person somewhat antithetic docks, truthful customise both.

Turn connected prone fastener to alteration dropshotting: A caller alteration arsenic been the summation of the enactment to spell nonstop to prone (lying down) alternatively than having to agelong property connected the crouch button. The prone fastener is disconnected by default, but if you crook it on, you'll beryllium capable to driblet to the crushed and support warring - a determination called dropshotting. It's fashionable successful PUBG and it's getting precise communal successful COD:M since that summation of the caller power option. The options are successful settings > basal controls > fell prone button.

Change the shooting mode: In the aforesaid country arsenic above, successful Advanced, you tin alteration however antithetic limb types shoot. You tin occurrence from the hip, purpose down sights (ADS) oregon prime custom. This volition fto you alteration the behaviour of limb groups - truthful you tin occurrence shotguns from the hip, for illustration (which is worthy doing).

Change the graphics quality: Your instrumentality volition automatically observe the settings for your telephone connected archetypal start, but if you privation to alteration them, successful the settings, pat Audio and Graphics. Here you tin prime the prime and framework rate, arsenic good arsenic different options. Play astir to get the smoothest gameplay you can, due to the fact that mounting it excessively precocious volition origin you problems if it gets jerky. This is wherever you'll find Ultra mode - 120Hz - but beryllium alert that it mightiness driblet the graphic prime to play astatine the fastest framework rate.

Adjust the sensitivity: Different devices respond somewhat otherwise and successful Sensitivity you tin alteration the settings for however you determination arsenic good arsenic however delicate movements are done scopes utilizing the phone's gyroscope. These tin besides beryllium changed for multiplayer and conflict royale separately - arsenic good arsenic changed for idiosyncratic scope magnifcations, arsenic you mightiness privation much sensitivity connected little zoom and little sensitivity connected higher zoom to support it steady.

Test your settings with Practice vs AI: Head into multiplayer and pat the enactment fastener (just supra start) to take the crippled type. Here you'll spot "practice" and "practice vs AI". This is simply a large mode to trial weapons, settings and controls to spot however they consciousness and if it's going to enactment for you. You tin alteration settings connected the alert and this is the spot to bash it.

Watch your friends playing: You tin ticker what your friends are doing by heading into your friends database and tapping the oculus fastener - you tin ticker them play successful existent time.

Call of Duty: Mobile gameplay modes

Call of Duty: Mobile is divided into 2 large sections. Those are multiplayer and conflict royale. Although the controls are broadly akin and the visuals are mostly the same, these are fundamentally antithetic modes of play. Zombie mode has been and gone and travel backmost again for a constricted time.

Multiplayer modes 

There are a fig of antithetic multiplayer maps and modes to play. The halfway modes are Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy, Gunfight, Kill Confirmed, Hardpoint, Free for All.

Then determination are features peculiar modes - for illustration - Standoff - Halloween, Sniper Only, Gun Game, Prop Hunt. There are incentives for playing each types, truthful support your eyes connected the Battle Pass to spot wherever you tin summation rewards. The featured modes travel and spell and sometimes debut with a caller representation to play on. Our favourite is 10 vs 10, erstwhile it's available, arsenic it's non-stop carnage.

The maps alteration by the crippled type, changing to suit the benignant of crippled you're going to play: Killhouse, Nuketown, Hijacked, Cage, Rust, Gulag, Shipment 1944, Reclaim, Scrapyard, Oasis, Highrise, Crash, Summit, Crossfire, Standoff, Terminal, Firing Range, Hackney Yard, Takeoff, Raid, Meltdown, Icebreaker, Slums, Suldal Harbor, Hovec Sawmill, Vacant, Monastery . The archetypal 10 are beauteous small, the 2nd 16 are larger, changing the benignant of play.

Some maps travel and go, immoderate are assigned to peculiar crippled modes, truthful you won't ever person entree to each the maps.

There are besides ranked multiplayer matches and these volition circulate betwixt crippled modes and maps.

Battle royale modes

In conflict royale determination are 2 maps - Isolated and Blackout - and you tin play successful archetypal oregon 3rd idiosyncratic perspective, you tin play solo, duo oregon team. There has besides been an Alcatraz representation which is smaller, but comes and goes from the game. Blackout contains locations including galore multiplayer representation sites.

In conflict royale you fundamentally parachute successful with nothing, stitchery weapons with the purpose of being the past subordinate oregon squad surviving. The play country gradually decreases, pushing surviving players into a tighter area. It's classical conflict royale.

The crippled sometimes has further modes - Sniper Challenge wherever it's lone sniper weapons and Warfare, which has teams of 20 connected opposing sides for a saltation connected BR gameplay, but these travel and go.


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Mastering the Battle Pass and rewards system

While it's conscionable good to play the crippled and person amusive there's a immense rewards strategy successful Call of Duty: Mobile. This comes successful the signifier of events and the Battle Pass. There's a paid and a escaped way done this, some pursuing the aforesaid timeline. Those who wage get entree to much characters, skins, CP (in-game currency), but those connected the escaped way inactive get rather a batch of stuff.

Speed up you Battle Pass progress: You fundamentally determination guardant connected the Battle Pass by playing the crippled and gaining Battle Pass XP. However, taking portion successful the events volition velocity you on you mode and assistance you get to the higher tiers faster, unlocking much and amended rewards arsenic you bash so.

Watch the Events: The events strategy adds immoderate assortment to the game. While you tin conscionable play TDM each the clip if that's what you want, the events adhd assortment and done a bid of tasks, summation your rewards and Battle Pass progress. This volition see credits, Weapon XP, Battle Pass XP, crates and sometimes caller weapons, characters and skins. See what's listed successful the Seasonal oregon Featured events and you'll find things similar "Kill 30 enemies with AGR 556 equipped with immoderate 5 attachments". This fundamentally steps you done the process, earns the rewards and adds the accidental to play each the caller features of the game.


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Use Gunsmith to boost your weapons

Gunsmith allows you to customise your weapons with loads of attachments and skins. You person to unlock a batch of the options and that's done by playing with those weapons - oregon utilizing Weapon XP cards to level-up that weapon.

Gunsmith tin beryllium recovered successful the Loadout conception and to implicit immoderate events, you'll request apical usage Gunsmith to guarantee you person the close fig of attachments connected the close limb to progress. Just pat connected the Gunsmith fastener and you'll participate the area. We've written a comprehensive usher to Gunsmith close here if you privation much detail.

Send XP to friends: Friends person a fig of uses successful COD:M and 1 is arsenic a method of getting much Weapon XP cards. You tin nonstop XP to your in-game friends and you'll recieve Weapon XP back. It's a elemental regular task that gives you much cards truthful you tin bash much successful Gunsmith.

Watch the limb stats: The changes you marque aren't conscionable for amusive - they alteration the characteristics of the weapon. That mightiness beryllium the accuracy, the harm oregon the mobility. The values volition spell up (green) oregon down (red) to amusement you what changes you'll marque to that weapon. This lets you alteration weapons to suit your benignant of play - for illustration boosting mobility if you similar to play accelerated and close, oregon expanding harm and scope if you're a agelong scope fighter.

Pay attraction to Perks: It's casual to disregard Perks due to the fact that they don't each person an contiguous interaction connected limb characteristics - but they tin bash things similar velocity up your mag alteration oregon summation the harm of a weapon. One of the astir almighty Perks is Akimbo, which lets you transportation duplicate Fennec SMGs - but that has to beryllium earnt and unlocked.


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Multiplayer tips and tricks 

There is simply a wealthiness of weaponry successful Call of Duty: Mobile and you tin cod and upgrade these weapons, use skins and take your loadouts for playing multiplayer games.

Increase your XP to unlock much loadouts: As you play you'll gain XP to fertile up - and unlock other loadout slots. You tin person 10 antithetic loadouts, each with superior and secondary weapons, grenades, an relation accomplishment and 3 perks, meaning you tin take a antithetic loadout for antithetic maps.

Choose your weapons wisely: The loadout you transportation determines what you participate the crippled with - and this volition alteration based connected the representation and crippled benignant you're playing. Maps similar Killhouse, Hijacked and Nuketown are large for SMGs due to the fact that it's adjacent quarters combat; a representation similar Crossfire is large for longer scope weapons. Having 10 loadouts means you tin alteration during a lucifer to suit the situation.

Upgrade your weapons: Rewards tin get you weapons cards for upgrades and this tin beryllium thing from adding a scope to extending the barrel. The limb characteristics illustration volition amusement the interaction of those changes you marque - and this tin marque a large quality to however that limb performs successful the game. This is what Gunsmith is each about.

You can't truly fell successful multiplayer: While you tin enactment retired of sight, oregon find a country oregon gathering to lurk in, erstwhile playing multiplayer the 2 sides are separated by the force wearing reddish flashes connected their uniform. Camouflage doesn't truly substance successful that sense, arsenic you tin spot the reddish marks adjacent erstwhile hiding. You tin beryllium spotted by a UAV and placed connected the representation - truthful remember, you're not invisible.

Don't deterioration red: There are a fig of reddish skins/outfits and this tin confuse your team. If idiosyncratic sees a flash of red, it's casual to deliberation it's an enemy. Avoiding those reddish colours mightiness assistance your squad absorption connected who they are warring - peculiarly important successful Hardcore mode.

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Keep connected moving: Because you can't hide, staying inactive is your enemy. Keep moving truthful the force can't people you. A accomplishment to maestro is strafing sideways portion keeping the force successful your sights. Duck into screen erstwhile you tally retired of ammo, popular retired again to engage. It's elemental usage of cover, but it works truly well.

Use the slide: You tin pat the down fastener erstwhile moving to slide. This is unpredictable and gives you a overmuch amended accidental of making it to screen and avoiding getting shot.

Get acquainted with crouch: Crouch is truly useful, decreasing your disposable country portion inactive letting you determination around. There's adjacent a Perk for this - Skulker - which makes you faster erstwhile moving crouched.

Use sprint: Sprinting means you tin determination faster. You tin descent up the guardant controller oregon pat the sprint fastener to bash this. There's a paper enactment for "always sprint" excessively - but usage this with caution - it sometimes means you can't halt arsenic accurately arsenic you privation and you mightiness extremity up moving into your force by mistake - but that's a large enactment erstwhile utilizing a shotgun - arsenic you tin sprint and spray. There's besides a Perk to marque you faster. Use it.

Go to your pistol: The Renetti is simply a large sidearm and it volition instrumentality radical down conscionable arsenic readily arsenic a firearm erstwhile you're up close. Often it's faster to power to the pistol than it is to reload your superior weapon. It's large for maps similar Nuketown erstwhile things get brainsick successful the middle. Avoid the silencer though - it lowers the scope - but done Gunsmith you tin summation the capableness to marque it much effective.

Use your grenades: When the warring gets tough, often determination isn't clip to drawback a grenade, but it's a large opening move: connected maps similar Killhouse and Nuketown, lobbing the grenade from 1 extremity to the different is reasonably casual and tin rapidly aftermath up your enemy. Just marque definite you don't tally into your ain grenade and marque definite the opening immunity has expired.

Watch retired for Martyrdom perk: This drops a grenade erstwhile a subordinate dies, thing to ticker retired for - if you are excessively adjacent to the subordinate you've conscionable killed, their grenade mightiness instrumentality you out.


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Master the sticky grenade: The sticky grenade is large due to the fact that it doesn't bounce oregon roll. Throw it done a window, propulsion it against a partition and it stays there. It's large for clearing snipers retired of rooms, oregon clearing retired radical hiding down crates.

Master the scorestreaks: The scorestreaks are truly powerful. You person 3 slots to capable and these tin beryllium thing from a huntsman slayer drone to a VTOL gunship which is fundamentally a crippled finisher. Some are AI guided, others connection manual control. The predator missile, for example, needs to beryllium guided to wherever you privation it to hit. The sentry weapon tin beryllium placed and left, cutting down the force erstwhile they travel astir a country - but tin besides beryllium damaged by force fire. To activate scorestreaks, you request to get mixed successful with the force and instrumentality immoderate scalps.

Take retired force craft scorestreaks: The stealth chopper and VTOL tin truly harm your team, but you tin sprout them down. Choose an LMG and unload into it and you'll sprout it down. Alternative, if you person the Sparrow accomplishment - with explosive arrows - a mates of hits from these volition bring down aircraft. Of people there's the FHJ-18 which volition fastener connected and extremity that scorestreak beauteous rapidly.

Take the combat to the enemy: In games similar Frontline and Team Deathmatch, instrumentality the combat to the enemy. Hanging backmost mightiness mean you're retired of the crippled not doing thing portion your teammates are locked successful fighting. Find those strategical points connected the maps and predominate them, pinning your force in.

Get fancy with smoke: Smoke grenades are really precise useful. If the force has you pinned down - evidently - but if there's sniper successful a gathering you can't get past, fume retired the country by lobbing that grenade done the window. Or driblet fume to springiness you screen portion you retreat from invincible respawned enemy. It's besides truly utile successful Domination erstwhile you're capturing a determination - truthful the force can't spot you.

Pick the loadout for the representation and the team: The multiplayer maps promote a scope of antithetic gameplay styles. Crossfire, for example, has a batch of places for snipers, whereas Nuketown does not. Vary your loadout to suit the representation and the team: if you person 5 players with sniper rifles connected Nuketown, you mightiness struggle, oregon conscionable get bored. Be prepared to power to maximise squad performance.

Top extremity for Hijacked: If you're playing connected the Hijacked representation (the boat), there's a concealed transition done the vessel that volition instrumentality you from 1 extremity to the other. This tin bring you up down the force truthful you tin adjacent up the score. Just caput into the compartment and look for the spread successful the floor.


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Battle royale tips and tricks 

Battle royale feels similar a wholly antithetic crippled successful Call of Duty: Mobile. You don't get to commencement with your preferred loadout, you can't conscionable respawn astatine volition and you person a overmuch larger play country - and it's a overmuch much tactical crippled than the combat of multiplayer. Even the idiosyncratic interface is somewhat different, though Alcatraz brings a smaller play country that's much similar multiplayer.

Switch to FPV: If you play a batch of multiplayer and are utilized to the first-person view, you tin power to that presumption with a tap, alternatively than the third-person view.

Choose wherever you driblet carefully: The maps are reasonably good loaded with some vehicles and weapons, but if you driblet into a built-up country you're much apt to tally consecutive into contact, wherever the archetypal idiosyncratic to get a limb volition hunt you each down. Go a small much distant and you're much apt to past done the archetypal 10 minutes. Alcatraz has galore precocious points and often determination are sniper rifles determination truthful you tin easy dominate.

Work arsenic a squad - oregon not: Team enactment makes the imagination work. Drop with your team, determination with your team, combat with your squad and you'll easy win. But if your teammates are determined to driblet into interaction and dice consecutive away, you mightiness privation to spell solo to survive. Battle royale is astir endurance - if you conscionable privation to kill, play multiplayer instead.


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Revive your teammates: There are revival flights that volition driblet you backmost into the game, but it's amended if you tin get revived by a teammate. Remember that if a teammate is successful interaction with the enemy, they'll disregard you until it's wide - truthful don't conscionable crawl consecutive implicit to them. Get close, but beryllium prepared to hold to beryllium revived if you can. Dropping fume tin springiness you screen portion you revive someone.

Don't worry, you've got a wingsuit: As you're wearing a wingsuit, it doesn't substance if you leap retired of a chopper oregon disconnected the apical of a tower, arsenic you'll survive. Use that to your benefit. You tin wingsuit close connected apical of idiosyncratic and popular 'em with your shotgun if you don't person the scope to prosecute from the apical of a mountain. It's large fun.


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Keep your oculus connected the representation and look for footprints: Knowing wherever the force is is fractional the combat successful conflict royale. Watch the representation for footprints if you're a scout, support your ears unfastened and you'll cognize wherever they are earlier they cognize you're there. It's the way to victory. 

Hit the deck: Unlike multiplayer wherever hitting the platform means dying successful the dirt, successful conflict royale you tin fell and hold until your force is successful scope earlier engaging them. It truly works.

Watch your ammo: There are loads of antithetic weapons, but you tin rinse done your ammo truly quickly. Keep an oculus connected however overmuch you have, marque definite you're not picking up worldly you don't request and marque definite your 2nd limb is useful.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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