Convicted Felon/Domestic Terrorist Michael Flynn “Jokes” About Committing Political Assassinations

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Convicted felon/domestic terrorist/QAnon follower Michael Flynn “joked” about committing political assassinations in Washington, DC.


Michael Flynn is presented with a rifle as a gift in Yuba, CA, and says that now “maybe I’ll find somebody in Washington, DC.”

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) July 25, 2021

Flynn said after being presented with a rile in California, “Maybe, I’ll find somebody in Washington, DC.” The QAnon cult laughed because killing people with acts of domestic terrorism against the United States government is a hoot.

Just look at January 6th. Wasn’t that a great time? Well, maybe not for the police officers and people who were injured or died. It wasn’t so great for the members of Congress or the people who work in the Capitol, but for the domestic terrorists like Mike Flynn, it was a hoot.

Michael Flynn Also Called For A Coup Against Joe Biden

This wasn’t Flynn’s first public flirtation with calls for political violence against the United States of America. At a QAnon event in Texas, Flynn asked why a coup could not happen in the US? 

Mike Flynn is a convicted felon who has committed crimes against his country, but yet he is still free.

Flynn led the lock her up chants against Hillary Clinton at Trump’s rallies in 2016, and it is time for federal prosecutors to take his advice and lock Mike Flynn up before he incites another 1/6.

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