Cousins' feel-good showing at Brownlow Medal

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Former AFL superstar Ben Cousins is successful attendance astatine tonight's Brownlow Medal and is looking blessed and healthy.

After The Age reported this week that Cousins had accepted an invitation from the AFL to be the league's nighttime of nights, the whispers proved existent arsenic the erstwhile West Coast skipper entered the reddish carpet astatine Perth Stadium.

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Cousins has lived a troubled beingness since retiring from the crippled astatine the extremity of 2010, and helium had been mostly distanced from the AFL satellite successful the years since arsenic helium bounced successful and retired of prison.

But Cousins, who won the 2005 Brownlow Medal, has seemingly turned his beingness astir successful caller months and his attendance contiguous is large grounds of that.

Ben Cousins. (Getty)

"It's decidedly a large night," Cousins told Seven connected the reddish carpet.

"It's been a portion since I've been to 1 of the shot manufacture nights, truthful I'm looking guardant to it.

"There volition beryllium a small spot of nerves I think, but there's plentifulness of players that person had large years, truthful whoever wins it mightiness request a small spot of luck astatine immoderate stage. So conscionable looking guardant to seeing however it plays out.

"A small spot of behind-the-scenes [work to beryllium ready], but that's portion of it. We each find ourselves successful antithetic situations on the mode and it's conscionable large to beryllium present tonight."

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