Do you spend 30% of your week in meetings? Survey says many people do

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Dialpad analyzed gathering information and recovered that standups are the shortest meetings, arsenic agelong arsenic determination are less than 20 radical attending.


A survey of 2,800 radical recovered that 83% of professionals walk betwixt 4 and 12 hours per week successful meetings.

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A bulk of professionals walk up to a 3rd of the enactment week successful meetings, according to a caller survey from Dialpad. A survey of 2,800 radical recovered that 83% person betwixt 4 and 12 hours of meetings connected their calendars each week.

Here are the details astir the cadence of meetings, based connected the survey:

  • 45% walk little than 4 hours a week
  • 37% walk betwixt 4 and 12 hours
  • 12% walk betwixt 12 and 20 hours
  • 5% walk 20 hours oregon much a week successful meetings

The information comes from 2 sources: a survey of 2,800 U.S. employees from businesses of each sizes and crossed industries and anonymized Dialpad Meetings information from January 2019 done June 2021.

The survey besides recovered that: 

  • Mondays are the astir fashionable time of week to docket meetings
  • Wednesdays person the longest meetings connected average.
  • Audio-related issues are the biggest symptom constituent for video conferencing
  • 82.9% judge not each video meetings necessitate video

Standups are the astir businesslike benignant of meetings, according to the survey. These meetings past 12 - 13 minutes connected average, arsenic agelong arsenic determination are 20 radical oregon less attending. The longest meetings are connected Wednesdays astatine an mean of 45 minutes. The much radical successful a meeting, the longer it lasts, according to the survey with gatherings of 3 to six radical lasting little than 30 minutes portion a gathering with 20 oregon much radical going connected for much than 70 minutes.

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Pete Lim, an agile manager astatine Dialpad spouse Miro, said successful the study that his squad is thoughtful astir managing meetings.  

"To alleviate video fatigue and calendar overload, we effort to beryllium precise intentional astir meetings, ensuring that video conferencing is lone utilized for discussions that transportation a dense affectional oregon cognitive load, oregon necessitate a batch of back-and-forth treatment from participants," Lim said.

Marketing and advertizing companies person the astir video conferences with an mean of 20.9 meetings per idiosyncratic per month.The question manufacture is adjacent with 11.1 meetings each period connected average, portion tech companies travel successful astatine 10.5 meetings per month.

Surprisingly, survey respondents did not database the magnitude and frequence of meetings arsenic the biggest occupation with video meetings. Instead the apical symptom constituent was mediocre audio prime with 50% of respondents listing this trouble. Other problems included:

  • Difficult to work the room
  • Poor video quality
  • Too galore meetings
  • Meetings are unorganized
  • No issues
  • Not capable features successful the video platform

Finally, 75.6% of respondents said they similar scheduling meetings connected a definite time oregon clip of day.

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