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Get Quick and Accurate Global News With Global News Wire

With an increasing number of global news wire services available, it is important to know which one to choose. In this article we will discuss the three most popular global news wire services: EIN Presswire, Newswire Service and PR Newswire. We will also look at their pros and cons so that you can make the best decision on what service suits your needs best.

EIN Presswire

EIN Presswire is a global news wire service that distributes press releases to over 7,000 media outlets in over 150 countries. The company also provides its clients with expert help on how to build their brands and grow their business through the use of social networks, search engine optimization (SEO), paid advertising campaigns and more.

EIN Presswire’s founder, Bernie Espinoza, has been in the news industry since 1998 when he started a small newspaper called The Miami Times Backyard News at age 14 while attending school in Florida. His passion for journalism led him into many different roles including: managing editor at several newspapers including The Miami Herald; reporter at ABC-7; reporter/anchor for Univision's daily newscast Noticias Univision Noticias; Director Digital Media & Social Media Strategy & Analysis for both Yahoo! Latin America & Latino USA - which included developing strategies around content creation & distribution as well as social media strategies such as Facebook Page Growth Management; then finally becoming Founder/CEO of EIN Presswire which began operations back in 2009 after years spent working closely with leading publications such as Forbes Magazine

Newswire Service

A newswire service is a way for companies to distribute their news. They give users access to breaking stories, and allow them to share the information with others. Newswires are used by companies as well as by media outlets, who use them to get their own stories out into the world.

Companies may use one or more of these types of services:

  • Announcements - Announcements are issued when there's something important happening at your company (like an acquisition), but it doesn't need immediate attention from customers or employees. This type of message is usually sent via email or text message, so anyone could see it on their phone screen while they're waiting in line at Starbucks!

News Wire

If you're looking for a global newswire service that provides high-quality news coverage, Global News wire services is the perfect solution. Our staff of journalists and editors are dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible about current events in every corner of the world. With our rapid reporting service, we can provide you with up-to-the-minute reports on any topic or event—no matter how large or small—as quickly as possible!

Global News Wire also offers PR wire services so companies can get their messages out there without spending thousands on advertising. We create custom press releases that include all relevant information such as contact details and background knowledge about your business/brand; this ensures that journalists from around the world will know exactly what they're writing about when they cover your company's latest developments! In addition to PR services, we also offer ein presswires which provide quick access to top stories across all major news networks across multiple countries at once (ein stands for “European Institute Of Innovation”).

PR Newswire

PR Newswire is a global news distribution service that allows companies to distribute their press releases and announcements through multiple channels, including social media. PR Newswire was founded in 1961 by Arthur Sulzberger Jr., who became its chairman and publisher of The New York Times newspaper group. In 2011, PR Newswire was acquired by Cision Inc., which is owned by private equity firm Thoma Bravo LLC.[1]

  • Cision newswire

cision newswire is a PR newswire service that has been around since 1996. It's one of the world's leading PR agencies, and its clients include some of the largest companies in the world. Its news articles cover a wide range of topics, including business, sports and entertainment.

Cision News Wire offers you access to an online search feature where you can find relevant articles based on your keywords or topic in just seconds—no matter where you are or how busy your schedule is! This means that if there's something happening at work today that affects our company's bottom line (or someone who works there), we'll know about it right away!

The Cision mobile app lets users read their favorite stories while they wait for a flight at an airport or even while driving down highway 101 towards San Francisco Bay Area traffic jams due out eastbound lanes after rush hour ends later tonight rather than tomorrow morning like usual...

Learn about the global news wire service, EIN Presswire

The global news wire service, EIN Presswire is a press release distribution platform that connects you with the most influential media outlets in your industry. As an independent journalist, it's important to keep up with the latest trends and know what other people are saying about your business.

EIN Presswire provides you with access to all of these things through their network of over 10 million journalists around the world. This allows readers like yourself to stay informed on what's happening in their field while also enjoying more accurate reporting from top sources like CNN or The New York Times—all without having to pay for expensive subscriptions or subscribe directly via email addresses that may not be used frequently enough (or at all).


The global news wire service, prnewswire, is a great place to go if you want to get the latest news about companies and events. The company offers thousands of reporters who are ready to share their expertise on any subject. The reporters have access to all types of media outlets, as well as experts in various fields who can help them with their stories. You can even find reporters who specialize in certain topics like politics or business!

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