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After a dilatory quality week to footwear disconnected 2022, the satellite of Nintendo is firing connected each cylinders, truthful this occurrence of All Things Nintendo is each astir catching up connected the caller looks astatine Pokémon Legends: Arceus and Kirby and the Forgotten Land. Not lone that, but Game Informer's Alex Van Aken besides came acceptable to chat astir the all-new Analogue Pocket and The Nintendo Tapes, his caller collaborative EP of Nintendo remixes (two of which you'll illustration during this episode!).

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The All Things Nintendo podcast is simply a play amusement wherever we tin celebrate, discuss, and interruption down each the latest games, news, and announcements from the industry's astir recognizable name. Each week, Brian is joined by antithetic guests to speech astir what's happening successful the satellite of Nintendo. Along the way, they'll stock idiosyncratic stories, uncover hidden gems successful the eShop, and adjacent look backmost connected the classics we each grew up with. A caller occurrence hits each Friday!

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:34 – First Nintendo Game/Favorite Nintendo Game
00:14:02 – Hosting the Game Informer Show
00:15:52 – The Nintendo Tapes
00:19:25 – Alex's Culinary Training
00:23:18 – Kirby and the Forgotten Land Preview
00:32:31 – Teases of 30th Anniversary Activities For Kirby
00:33:29 – NES Classic Switch Controllers Restock/Price Drop
00:36:39 – Pokémon Legends: Arceus Preview
00:47:41 – Pokémon Converse Collaboration
00:51:50 – Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker Free to Play This Week
00:53:48 – Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection Coming to Switch
00:56:42 – E3 Going Virtual... Again/Nintendo E3 Memories
01:03:04 – Analogue Pocket Review
01:29:52 – Definitive Ranking: Nintendo Handheld Form Factors
01:36:19 – eShop Gem of the Week: A Short Hike

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