Nest Thermostat E vs Thermostat 3.0: Cheaper, but at what cost?

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(Pocket-lint) - Nest announced the archetypal cheaper exemplary of its astute thermostat - the Thermostat E - successful the US successful August 2017, followed by a reengineered exemplary for Europe and the UK successful September 2018.

This diagnostic focuses connected however the UK and European exemplary of the Thermostat E compares to the company's much costly Thermostat 3.0. For those successful the US, you tin read our abstracted feature specifically comparing the US models.


Design and display

  • Thermostat E: 81.6 x 94.4mm (with stand), 408g
  • Thermostat 3.0: 81.6 x 81.6mm, 206g
  • Higher solution show connected Thermostat 3.0

The Nest Thermostat E and Nest Thermostat 3.0 some person a circular plan and a coagulated physique prime but that's astir arsenic acold arsenic their similarities spell successful presumption of design.

The Thermostat E has a white, ceramic-feel polycarbonate decorativeness and a built-in stand, portion the Thermostat 3.0 has a metal, polished decorativeness disposable successful stainless steel, white, achromatic oregon copper colour options. The 3.0 is besides predominantly wall-mounted with an optional basal sold separately.

The Thermostat E has a 1.7-inch frosted show offering a 320 x 320 solution for a 182ppi. It is designed to blend into its surroundings alternatively than beryllium a absorption constituent successful a room, and it tin beryllium placed anyplace successful immoderate country you take arsenic agelong arsenic determination is simply a powerfulness socket.

The Thermostat 3.0 meanwhile, has a 2.1-inch high-res colour show with a 480 x 480 pixel solution for a 229ppi. It is designed to basal retired successful the room, offering features similar Farsight, which allows users to spot the time, somesthesia oregon upwind each the clip connected the display.

Both devices travel with a Heat Link, allowing the 2 thermostats to link to your boiler. The Thermostat E has a battery-powered Heat Link with a built-in somesthesia sensor that replaces your existing thermostat, portion the Thermostat 3.0 has a wired Heat Link that connects to your boiler.


  • Many of aforesaid features connected both
  • Thermostat 3.0 has Farsight and blistery h2o control
  • Thermostat E comes with pre-defined schedule

The Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Thermostat 3.0 connection astir each of the aforesaid features. They some let you to power your heating with your smartphone from anywhere, they some crook themselves down erstwhile you're retired and they some connection vigor redeeming options.

The 2 thermostats tin besides beryllium controlled utilizing Google Assistant and they some larn from your regular and set themselves accordingly, helping you prevention vigor and money.

The Thermostat E comes with a pre-defined docket retired of the box, which is made up of information from the Nest Thermostat 3.0's users. It tin beryllium changed of people and the Thermostat E volition inactive larn from your regular and accommodate itself. The Thermostat 3.0 doesn't travel with a pre-set docket but it inactive offers scheduling arsenic a feature.

The Thermostat 3.0 offers Farsight however, portion the Thermostat E doesn't. Farsight lights up the Thermostat 3.0's show to amusement you the temperature, upwind oregon clip and users tin take betwixt a integer oregon analogue timepiece face. The Thermostat E meantime volition person a grey show erstwhile off, and accusation with a brushed glow that adapts to the room's conditions erstwhile on.

The lone different quality successful presumption of features betwixt the Thermostat E and the Thermostat 3.0 is the second offers blistery h2o power for those with a abstracted h2o tank, portion the Thermostat E doesn't.

Hardware and requirements

  • More sensors connected the Thermostat 3.0
  • Both necessitate Wi-Fi, Nest app and compatible heating system
  • Both person built-in rechargeable battery
  • Thermostat E doesn't request nonrecreational installation

The Nest Thermostat E features a somesthesia sensor, humidity sensor, proximity and occupancy sensor and an ambient airy sensor. There is besides an further somesthesia sensor successful the Heat Link.

The Thermostat 3.0 has each the aforesaid sensors arsenic the Thermostat E, arsenic good arsenic a near-field enactment sensor and a far-field enactment sensor. The Thermostat 3.0 requires nonrecreational installation however, portion Nest says the Thermostat E tin beryllium installed by the idiosyncratic successful astir an hour.

Both thermostats necessitate a Wi-Fi transportation and the Nest app connected a telephone oregon tablet. Users tin power up to 20 Nest thermostats per location and Nest thermostats successful 3 locations from 1 Nest account.

In presumption of compatibility, some the Nest Thermostat E and the Nest Thermostat 3.0 are compatible with astir heating systems including operation boilers, vigor lone boilers, zoned systems and vigor pumps (heating only).

The Thermostat 3.0 is besides compatible with home blistery h2o tanks, which the Thermostat E is not. There is simply a compatibility checker connected the Nest website here.

Price and conclusions


  • Thermostat E: £199
  • Thermostat 3.0: £219 (plus nonrecreational installation)

The Nest Thermostat E costs £199 and it tin beryllium installed yourself. The Nest Thermostat 3.0 costs £219 but it requires nonrecreational installation which is an further cost.

The 2 thermostats are akin successful presumption of features successful the UK and Europe. They some larn from your routines and docket to assistance you prevention wealth and vigor and they some connection distant power and compatibility with Google Assistant.

The Thermostat E has much flexibility erstwhile it comes to placement acknowledgment to its built-in basal and battery-powered Heat Link and it doesn't necessitate nonrecreational installation, which is simply a immense bonus. It is besides the much subtle of the 2 successful presumption of design.

The Thermostat 3.0 meanwhile, has immoderate fantastic decorativeness options with a brighter and sharper show and it offers the enactment of blistery h2o control, which mightiness marque it the preferred prime for some, contempt its higher terms tag and installation requirements. 

Writing by Britta O'Boyle.

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