Rep. Ted Lieu Says Justice For J6 Attendees Are Traitors

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Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said that the 1/6 attackers are traitors and the radical astatine the Justice for J6 rally stock their mindset.

Rep. Ted Lieu: Justice For J6 Attendees Share A Mindset With Traitors


Rep. Ted Lieu says #JusticeforJ6 rally are traitors, "The radical who showed up connected January 6th and assaulted our Capitol, they're not heroes. They're traitors. They're insurrectionists. And anyone showing up contiguous to enactment those radical besides are of the aforesaid mindset."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 18, 2021

Rep. Lieu said connected MSNBC:

If Republicans privation to prevent the hazard of further political violence, each they have to bash is accidental 1 simple, truthful sentence, the election was not stolen. The refusal to bash that and to keep promoting the large prevarication is harmful to our democracy, and it’s going to effect successful further political violence.

 The radical who showed up on January 6th and assaulted our Capitol, they’re not heroes. They’re traitors. They’re insurrectionists. And anyone showing up contiguous to support those radical besides are of the aforesaid mindset, and it’s highly disturbing that you inactive have people successful America who privation to take our ideology and destroy it. 

The Justice For J6 rally has much members of the property successful attendance than protesters. The rally has been a bust successful presumption of a amusement of spot and enactment for home terrorists. CNN, MSNBC, and Fox person mostly stayed distant from it precisely for the crushed that Rep. Lieu suggested. The cablegram quality networks don’t privation to springiness a level to terrorists.

Those who be the rally and those who talk astatine it are trying to destruct democracy. Rep. Lieu was correct, and These radical are traitors who should not beryllium fixed a platform.

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