Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2 "production started"

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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung has reportedly started accumulation connected its 2nd astute talker and, hopefully, this clip it volition beryllium disposable to the public.

The Samsung Galaxy Home Mini 2 volition beryllium the 2nd wound of the cherry for the Korean manufacturer, having released its past exemplary successful Korea only and not to consumers globally.

Little is known astir it currently, but online leaker Max Jambor claims that it's "not excessively acold away". A follow-up tweet from him besides claims it is successful production.

In different words: accumulation started.

— Max Jambor (@MaxJmb) January 12, 2022

Samsung has agelong wanted to beryllium portion of the astute talker message, with its ain Bixby-powered rival to the Apple HomePod, Google's Nest Audio, and the Amazon Echo.

However, portion determination was a batch of speech astir the archetypal Galaxy Home Mini being universally available, it ne'er happened for 1 crushed oregon another.

Considering a caller Unpacked lawsuit is forthcoming - thought to beryllium 8 February 2022 - we could yet spot the latest iteration motorboat there. To beryllium just though, we've been saying that for a portion and though we don't uncertainty Samsung's ambitions, we wouldn't yet stake the location connected it.

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Nor would we stake that it won't travel with Alexa and/or Google Assistant if it does.

Writing by Rik Henderson.

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