Sen. Angus King Hints That Changes Are Coming To The Filibuster

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Sen. Angus King (I-ME) said portion discussing the caller voting rights measure that helium thinks changes are coming to the filibuster.

Sen. King Believes Changes Are Coming To The Filibuster


Sen. Angus King connected #DeadlineWH says helium thinks changes volition beryllium made to the filibuster, " I believe, Nicolle, that you're going to spot immoderate changes successful the filibuster arsenic a effect not of what the Democrats and the caucus privation to bash but due to the fact that the GOP won't adjacent sermon the issue. "

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) September 15, 2021

Sen. King said connected MSNBC’s Deadline: White House:

Everybody is onboard successful the caucus with this bill, including two Independents, myself and Bernie. So the question is what volition we do next? Jeff Merkley from Oregon has really done an tremendous amount of enactment connected this, trying to find ways to modify the filibuster in such a way, for example, to make people talk. 

The nationalist has an impression that the filibuster, you spell and you’ve got to clasp the level for hours and hours and hours. Mr. Smith Goes To Washington. That’s not existent anymore. It’s excessively damn easy.  A legislator tin telephone it in. I americium opposed. I volition filibuster. Okay, requires 60 votes. So 1 of the options is to make it er and marque the people who privation to artifact things hold the level and marque their argument to the American people. There are a batch of other possibilities. 

Instead of requiring 60 votes to go ahead, you necessitate 40 votes to stop. That means they person to amusement up. So arsenic I say, determination are going to be tons of discussions. I believe, Nicolle, that you’re going to spot immoderate changes successful the filibuster arsenic a effect not of what the Democrats and the Democratic caucus privation to bash but because the Republicans won’t even sermon the issue. 

Democrats Had To Get Behind A Single Bill Before They Could Change The Filibuster For Voting Rights

Momentum is increasing wrong the White House for changing the filibuster. Democrats had to get down a azygous voting rights measure earlier the filibuster speech could determination guardant due to the fact that if Democrats don’t person 50 votes for a bill, it doesn’t substance what they bash with the filibuster.

It took Harry Reid astir a twelvemonth arsenic Majority Leader to get the filibuster rules changed for judicial nominees. It takes clip to get these changes done. One tin reason that it shouldn’t, but that is not the satellite that we unrecorded in.

Democrats volition ballot adjacent week connected the Freedom to Vote Act. Republicans volition artifact it, and past the doorway is unfastened for changing the filibuster, adjacent if it is simply a precise constrictive alteration conscionable for a voting rights bill, 1 suspects that Sen. King is right.

After the Democratic holdouts are near with nary different choice, changes volition travel to the filibuster.

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