Smart Downloads rolling out to the YouTube app on Android devices

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(Pocket-lint) - If you're a YouTube Music user, you whitethorn beryllium acquainted with a diagnostic called Smart Downloads.

Essentially, it's a diagnostic that downloads songs automatically erstwhile connected to a Wi-Fi network allowing you to prevention information erstwhile listening connected the go.

Now, YouTube has begun investigating a akin diagnostic for the main YouTube app connected Android phones.

The caller diagnostic works successful the aforesaid way, but with video contented alternatively than music.

It's reported that immoderate Android users successful Europe are seeing a punctual popular up connected their instrumentality allowing them to effort Smart Downloads successful the YouTube app.

Once enrolled, the app volition automatically download 20 caller videos each week whilst connected to Wi-Fi.

The videos are selected by an algorithm that takes into relationship your favourite genres and ticker past successful bid to make a curated download database to lucifer your tastes.

The 20 videos tin beryllium recovered successful the aforesaid playlist arsenic your manually downloaded offline videos.

Users volition beryllium notified if they are moving debased connected storage and tin determine whether to escaped up immoderate abstraction oregon cancel the downloads.

The diagnostic is presently lone disposable to YouTube Premium subscribers moving Android 12 successful circumstantial regions, but we wouldn't beryllium amazed to spot it rotation retired to different devices and regions successful the adjacent future.

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Writing by Luke Baker.

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