Trump’s Lawyers Reduced To Whining At Prosecutors That Criminal Charges Are Unfair

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Trump’s lawyers didn’t have an actual legal argument, so they whined that criminally charging the Trump Organization would be unfair.

Lawyers representing the Trump Organization made a last-ditch effort Monday to persuade New York prosecutors not to pursue tax-related charges that could come as soon as this week, arguing the company was being unfairly targeted, people familiar with the matter said.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office and New York attorney general’s office have for months been investigating whether Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg and other executives received benefits such as cars, apartments and private school tuition and illegally avoided paying taxes on them.

Donald Trump’s lawyers can’t find a legal reason why he shouldn’t be charged, so the best that they could come up with is charging him would be unfair. For his part, the failed former president released a statement in which to the surprise of no one, he called the years-long criminal investigation a “witch hunt.”

The former president is already trying to spin the likely indictment to do the only thing that he knows how to do, and that is to play the victim.

An indictment of his business could be financially destructive for Trump. The former president is in deep debt and doesn’t have a lot of assets that are outright his.

There is no fairness clause when it comes to criminal indictments, and the fact that Trump’s lawyers have failed to make a compelling argument against an indictment of the Trump Organizations, suggests that things are about to get criminal for the former president.

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