Vice President Calls Out Republicans For Election Interference In MLK Day Address

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Vice President Kamala Harris said that Republicans are not lone trying to instrumentality distant the close to vote, they are besides interfering successful elections.

Video of VP Harris:

Vice President Harris said that Republicans are trying to interfere successful elections to marque definite that they get the results that they want.

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) January 17, 2022

Vice President Harris said, “In Georgia, and crossed our nation, anti-voter laws are being passed that could marque it much hard for arsenic galore arsenic 55 cardinal Americans to vote. That is 1 retired of each six radical successful our country, and the proponents of these laws are not lone putting successful spot obstacles to the ballot box. They are besides moving to interfere with our elections to get the outcomes that they privation and discredit those they bash not. That is not however ideology works.”

Republicans Are Out To Steal Future Elections

Trump made it wide successful his caller remarks to Pennsylvania Republicans. The Republican Party wants to instrumentality implicit the supervision of elections to marque definite that they ever win. Putin does this successful Russia, and different authoritarian regimes bash the aforesaid astir the world, with the extremity being to guarantee that the lone results that number are the ones that favour the regime.

Vice President Harris was correct. Republicans are engaged successful a crippled against democracy, and it is up to the radical to prevention their democracy.

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