Watch A Race Around Daytona In This New Gran Turismo 7 Footage

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PlayStation invites you to instrumentality a thigh astir the Daytona International Speedway successful this caller in-game footage of Gran Turismo 7.

Polyphony Digital is simply a maestro of details, and this sub-four-minute clip is afloat of them. Starting retired successful a first-person operator view, we instrumentality successful the small likelihood and ends astir the dash of the vehicle, including the actively-updating stats connected the steering instrumentality display. The shadows and light, some nonstop and bounce lighting, are connected afloat show successful this presumption arsenic well, not to notation the materials and textures of objects similar the driver's gloves and the assorted metals and plastics successful view.

Pulling retired to camera shots extracurricular of the car, we spot the models of the vehicles themselves and however they determination and interact with the roadworthy they're peeling across. The subtle value shifts are noticeable if you ticker the assemblage of the cars intimately arsenic they turn, velocity up, oregon deed the breaks. We besides get a large look astatine the reflections connected the windshields and broadside windows, and airy reflections and flares disconnected of shinier materials connected the vehicles. Other details to look retired for are the crowd density successful the stands and the overcast skies. 

Sony's newest introduction successful its impeccably elaborate driving simulator hits PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 connected March 4.

How's Gran Turismo 7 looking to you? How bash you deliberation it stacks up to different caller racers we've seen successful the past mates of years? Let america cognize successful the comments!

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