5 Tips For Making the Most Out of Your Press Releases

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5 Ways to make the Most Out of Your Press Releases


You've got a great product or service, and now you want to promote it. But how? One of the most effective ways to get your name out there is through press release distribution. A press release not only tells people about your business, but also provides them with information about your company's history and future plans—which means that when they read it on social media or in their favorite news outlet (or both!), they'll remember who wrote it!

Make sure you have a story.

A story is what your press release is all about. It's the reason people should be interested in reading your distribute press release and it needs to be complete, concise, and compelling.

A good story will explain why you're the best choice for this particular project or service offering. It should also tell us how you can help solve their problems or make their lives better in some way.

A bad one will say nothing about any of these things; it might even include errors like spelling mistakes and grammatical errors that make it harder for editors (or potential clients) to understand what exactly you're saying!

Here are some examples of good stories:

  • "Our new product makes data collection more efficient than ever before!" This example would work well if there was an interesting angle on data management solutions (like "We've developed a way for businesses to collect information through our software platform").

Tell the story in your press release with context and information that is relevant to the current time, as well as information about the future.

press release for distribution is a great way to tell the story of your company or organization in a concise, informative way. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is not an opportunity for you to pitch your product or service. You want people who read your press release to know why they should be interested in hearing more from you—and if they aren't, then there's no point in sending it out at all!

To make sure that happens (and make sure people actually listen), try using the following tips:

  • Include context and information that is relevant for current time

  • Tell stories about what makes your company special

Research news outlets for placement opportunities.

Once you've decided on a topic and determined the news outlets that cover it, the next step is to research where they'll be featuring your press release distribution service. You can do this by looking at past articles or through social media channels. If an outlet has done an article on your business, check out their website to see if any of their other content was related—you might find a story about similar topics that would be perfect for your own release!

You should also look at what's trending in each publication: if there are any hot topics right now and they're writing about them regularly (e.g., "#1 Top Secret Recipe"), consider sending out one of those stories instead of another piece of information-based content like “10 Tips For Growing Your Business” or “How To Survive A Recession By Making These Changes."

Pitch on a Friday.

When you're pitching, it's important to keep in mind that Friday is a great day for best press release distribution services. This is because most reporters are on vacation during the week and don't have time to write stories on Friday mornings. So why not pitch it on a Friday?

It can be tempting to pitch your story on any other day in order to get more attention but resist this urge! Journalists are busy and they don't have time for every new story that comes their way; if you try doing this too often, then people will start avoiding your website or social media accounts altogether. That being said though: If there's something special about any given day (like Mother's Day or Father's Day) then by all means go ahead and send those out as well!

Don't forget to add links to your release.

The links that you should include in your press release are:

  • Your company website. This should be the first link on the page, followed by social media profiles and other relevant content.

  • A link to a blog post where you've written about the topic of interest for this particular release (if applicable). If there's not an existing article on your site or blog, create one! It doesn't need to be long; just make sure it's informative enough for people reading about your press release distribution services who may not know much about what you're offering/doing with their money or time each month.*

Press releases are an amazing way to get publicity for your business, especially when they are well thought out and curated!

Press releases are an amazing way to get publicity for your business, especially when they are well thought out and curated! They can be used to promote new products, services, events and more. Press releases are also a great way to get your name out there.

Press releases are a great way to build relationships with journalists who will then write about what you do or how you’re doing it.


With these tips, you’re sure to be on your way to making the most out of your best press release distribution. Remember that a well-written, researched and crafted press release will always go further than any other marketing tools in its ability to draw attention to your company or service.

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