Buy A Toyota And Kill Democracy: Toyota Defends Donating To GOPers Who Tried To Overturn Election

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Toyota actually defended being the top corporate donor to Republicans who tried to overturn the election.

Axios reported:

Data compiled by the left-leaning watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington show Toyota gave $55,000 to 37 GOP objectors this year.


We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on the electoral certification,” a Toyota spokesperson said in a statement emailed to Axios.

“Based on our thorough review, we decided against giving to some members who, through their statements and actions, undermine the legitimacy of our elections and institutions.”

Toyota isn’t trying to hide it. In fact, they seem proud to donate to so many Republicans who tried to overturn the election and keep Trump in power.  Toyota has a right to donate to any candidate that they choose or that candidate’s PAC.

Consumers also have a right to decide that they don’t want their money going to people who tried to overturn a legitimate election result and buy a different brand of car.

Honda doesn’t hate democracy. Suburu seems cool with democratic principles.

There are a lot of great car companies that aren’t supporting the destruction of American democracy.

Toyota can donate to any candidate of their choosing, but car buyers should know where their money could go before they buy.

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