Leap Lets Us Live Our Wildest Hoverboard Dreams

2 years ago 588

Blue Isle Studios is bringing its caller shooter, Leap, to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on with a PC release. Check retired the trailer beneath showing its wild, fast-paced enactment ... in action. 

Leap features 60-player matches wherever players instrumentality connected roles determined by which exosuit they take to utilize. The 4 presently disposable are the Pathfinder, Titan, Wraith, and Tech Ops, each with antithetic playstyles, armor types, and skills. Some fto you alert successful the aerial with a jetpack, portion others fto you stealth oregon play the enactment role. Personal vehicles oregon PVs fto players equine up connected their preferred ride, including a mechanical moose, what looks similar a snowfall tube, oregon my favorite: the hoverboard. I decidedly similar cruising into conflict similar a gun-toating Silver Surfer.

Check retired the Leap site to motion up for a accidental to play successful its beta which begins connected January 19.

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