The Partner of Brian Sicknick Wrote a Column Slamming Donald Trump Who She Once Supported

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Brian Sicknick was one of many police officers around the country who supported Donald Trump. While he was in office, the former president would often talk about how much he loved the men and women in blue.

But his supporters had little care for police officers when they tried to block them from breaching the United States Capitol. On January 6th, 140 officers were injured by Trump’s insurrections.

3 officers working that day later died. Brian Sicknick was one of those officers. His long-time partner, Sandra Gomez wrote an article for CNN about how she has been treated by Trump and the rest of the GOP.

Gomez began, “Before his (Officer Sicknick) memorial a month later, something came over me: I wanted to see everything I could and understand what happened that day. As I watched the videos, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw officers being brutalized and beaten, and protesters defying orders to stay back from entering the Capitol. All the while, I kept thinking, “Where is the President? Why is it taking so long for the National Guard to arrive? Where is the cavalry!?”

The partner of the officer also discussed Trump’s refusal to take responsibility for that day. “To know that some members of Congress — along with the former President, Donald Trump, who Brian and I once supported but who can only now be viewed as the mastermind of that horrible attack — are not acknowledging Brian’s heroism that day is unforgivable and un-American.”

Trump was willing to support police officers as long as they were useful to him.  He doesn’t, however,  seem to care about the ones that were injured by his mob.

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