Disney And Tencent Announce A Mobile Avatar MMO Is In The Works

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Ubisoft isn't the lone steadfast with its hands connected the Avatar franchise. This weekend, Disney and Tencent unveiled plans to merchandise Avatar: Reckoning, an MMO role-playing shooter slated for iOS and Android. Development duties are for Reckoning are being handled by Archosaur Games.

The property merchandise announcing the rubric gives america immoderate info connected what to expect. "Avatar: Reckoning will transport players to never-before-seen parts of Pandora wherever they volition conscionable caller Na’vi clans warring to support their home, conflict almighty RDA troops seeking to exploit the resources of the moon, and brushwood spectacular alien creatures." Players volition beryllium capable to instrumentality connected challenges solo, co-op, or successful "dynamic multiplayer matches." You'll level up and equip your Na'vi with weaponry passim the communicative mode experience.

Avatar: Reckoning is being developed connected Unreal Engine 4 and is acceptable to merchandise sometime this year.

The different escapade taking spot connected James Cameron's Pandora is Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, developed by Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment. Using the Snowdrop Engine that powers The Division 2, its debut trailer from past summertime is simply a stunner. Go check retired that footage to spot however Ubi is translating the movie franchise onto consoles and PC.

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