The Tomorrow Children's Relaunch Can Feature An Island Of Your Creation Via A New Contest

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Last November, Q-Games announced that its shuttered collaborative multiplayer crippled The Tomorrow Children would beryllium rising from the grave. We inactive don't cognize erstwhile players volition beryllium capable to resume gathering islands arsenic unsettling doll-like characters, but players person a accidental to lend thing caller to the acquisition acknowledgment to a caller contest.

Q-Games' contest invites players to plan an land of their ain from scratch. You see, The Tomorrow Children is each astir moving alongside players to rebuild the world, known arsenic The Void, aft a neo-Soviet experimentation goes awry. Landmasses instrumentality the signifier of islands and, to beforehand the game's tone of contribution, 1 of these could beryllium custom-made by you. 

No game improvement acquisition is necessary. If you person the imaginativeness and immoderate decent creator chops, you're arsenic qualified arsenic immoderate different entrant. Your conception tin beryllium a drawing, a 3D model, oregon immoderate ocular practice you prefer. There are immoderate rules to note, which you tin read successful afloat here. The large stipulations are that the winners won't beryllium paid for this, and they'll surrender claims to immoderate intelligence rights their creation. Winners volition beryllium included successful the game's credits, however. It astir apt goes without saying that designs featuring plagiarized elements oregon are overtly convulsive and/or intersexual volition beryllium disqualified.

You tin taxable entries opening contiguous by visiting the contest's website. Submissions adjacent connected February 1, and Q-Games volition denote the winners connected July 15. Given that timeframe, it's apt The Tomorrow Children won't beryllium relaunching during the archetypal fractional of the year. We'll person to spot if it makes it retired again earlier the extremity of 2022 and if it volition stay a PlayStation exclusive present that Q-Games has regained the rights. 

What bash you deliberation of this contest? Are you funny successful entering? Let america cognize successful the comments! 

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